DowntownDC Momentum Awards


The DowntownDC Momentum Awards is the ultimate annual showcase of what makes DowntownDC So Much More!  

Each year, the DowntownDC Business Improvement District (BID) hosts a free event and award ceremony to publicly honor the top people, places and projects of the past year that have helped make DowntownDC an amazing place to live, work and play.  

[Click here to view photos from our 2018 Momentum Awards at the National Building Museum.]

“The Momentum Awards is a way for us to collectively reflect on the progress and transformation of DowntownDC. We want to honor those who have helped us through the journey,” said BID President & CEO Neil Albert.

Momentum Award attendees are treated to a night of food, drinks and entertainment, such as an Astro Doughnut’s dessert bar, golf at the National Building Museum, a mini DowntownDC Holiday Market and more. 

Stay tuned for details regarding the Dec. 2019 Momentum Awards Celebration where winners will be named in categories including: DowntownDC Person-of-the-Year, Private and Public Partnerships of the Year, Landmark Development Project and the DowntownDC Experience Award. 

Categories include:   

  • DowntownDC Person-of-the-Year Award 
  • Public Sector Person, Project or Program Award 
  • Private Sector Person, Project or Program Award 
  • Partnership/Program Award 
  • Landmark Development Project Award 
  • DowntownDC Detail Award 
  • DowntownDC Experience Award 
  • Visionary Award 

Check out Past Momentum Award Winners below:  

2018 Momentum Award Winners 
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2015 Momentum Award Winners
2014 Momentum Award Winners