Michael Bunn: ‘We Are a Community’


Michael Bunn is the Lead Facility Assistant at the Downtown Day Services Center. He has worked for the DowntownDC BID since 2007 and is a D.C. resident.

“We’ve been going full throttle this year working to support individuals experiencing homelessness at the Downtown Day Services Center. It’s definitely been stressful for us and the clients have been greatly affected by COVID-19. They’re not only afraid for their health and safety during the pandemic, but they’ve had fewer places to shelter, rest, even drink a cup of coffee.”

“I’ve seen how the challenges of this year have brought people together. It’s made us stronger as a team at The Center, and for our clients, I see them looking out for each other, protecting one another and trying to keep each other safe.”

During this unprecedented time, our staff and essential workers like Michael have continued daily to serve those in need, distributing 36,000 lunches outdoors, finding a way to safely offer access to showers, laundry facilities, clean clothes and restrooms inside our Downtown Day Services Center and adjusting each week to meet changing and growing demands amid a public health crisis.

But now, we need your help to enable us to continue and elevate our work to help those in need this winter. Please consider donating to the DowntownDC Foundation this holiday season to help us reach our goal of raising $50,000 by Dec. 31 to support the DowntownDC community.

“It’s important to support our work. I can’t imagine DowntownDC without a place for our homeless residents to be safe and comfortable. When they’re safe and comfortable, we are all safe and comfortable. We are a community.”

For more information about the DowntownDC Foundation, visit www.downtowndcfoundation.org.