Request for Proposals: Homeless Street Outreach Services



December 8, 2022


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The DowntownDC Business Improvement District (BID) seeks an experienced Street Outreach company (contractor) to work in cooperation with the existing Homeless Services Department as part of an ongoing homelessness strategic plan to reduce and prevent homelessness in the BID and strengthen the physical health, mental health, and service support for our unhoused residents. The Homeless Street Outreach team will play an important on-the-ground role in connecting vulnerable individuals experiencing homelessness to vital resources, referrals to services, as well as connections to community resources. See attached map Appendix A: DBID Project Territory.

Project Background

The DowntownDC Business Improvement District (ID) is a 501(c)(6) private nonprofit organization that was first established in 1997. It is a member organization, funded by property owners in our BID area. The BID has $15 million in annual revenue and currently has 90 employees. Since 1997, the BID has funded and carried out homeless services efforts in our community as part of its core purpose to maintain and elevate our neighborhood for all community members. In 2018, the BID opened and began operating a Downtown Day Services Center to support individuals experiencing homelessness and began planning for additional philanthropic projects including a major renovation to a federally owned park in our BID, Franklin Park. They recognized the strong need for a 501(c)(3) to support their philanthropic initiatives.

In February 2019, the DowntownDC BID began operating the Downtown Day Services Center (the Center) through a grant from the D.C. Government and in-kind contributions from the BID. The Center operates from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday in the lower level of the New York Avenue Presbyterian Church (1313 New York Avenue NW). Within a month of opening, the Center was serving up to 120 guests per day, offering a centrally-located, single-access point facility for the public, and providing basic needs — such as food, laundry facilities, showers, restrooms, health care, employment and legal assistance, case management, harm reduction services, vital records, and more— all under a Housing First model, to connect individuals to permanent housing to end homelessness. Service providers include Pathways to Housing DC, HIPS, Unity Health Care, the District Department of Employment Services, DC Health, the District Department of Motor Vehicles, and many other essential services.

The Downtown Day Services Center, housed under the DowntownDC BID’s Department of Homeless Services, functions in conjunction with the following Homeless Services programs:

  • Homeless outreach
  • Weekend Homeless Services
  • Saturday Center services
  • Monthly homeless count
  • Resident/stakeholder engagement
Scope of Work

The selected Street Outreach company will be required to perform the following outline services:

  • Provide a minimum of two (2) contracted outreach workers to execute street outreach work within the DowntownDC BID territory. (See Appendix A: DBID Territory)
  • Schedule and track the work of contracted outreach workers.
  • Provide weekly report of progress and services rendered.
  • Ensure contracted outreach workers report for work as scheduled.

Contracted Street Outreach Workers will be responsible for the following daily duties:

  • Distribution of Homeless Services health educational material.
  • Execute an on-the-ground coverage schedule to visit encampments and homeless individuals to include weekends. See Appendix A: DowntownDC BID Territory
  • Schedule targeted visits to encampments to distribute toiletries, hygiene kits, ponchos, first-aid items, and other seasonal resources as needed.
  • Provide Harm Reduction and Safety resources during on-the-ground services to include the following:
    • Conduct conversations with clients to build trust.
    • Identify and report homeless client priority needs or emergency situation, i.e. food, clothing, medical/911, housing, transportation, etc.

Connections and Referrals

  • Execute verbal referrals of clients to Downtown Day Services Center with the goal of helping individuals move from unsheltered to sheltered.

Tracking and Reporting

  • Provide daily recording and tracking of on-the-ground field work via MS Excel Spreadsheet and the Center’s internal data collection system. Training of Center’s system will be provided.
  • Submit combined monthly outreach reports, annual summary of progress, and other reports if requested by the DowntownDC BID leadership.

The project will begin in January 2023 with an option of renewal based upon performance and funding.


Responses are due by close of business on Friday, December 23, 2022, and must include the following:

  • Biography of company, including the company’s history and years of experience in the street outreach/homeless services industry.
  • Proposed street outreach coverage schedule and itemized project budget to include use of a minimum of two (2) or more outreach staff with a project budget not to exceed $100,000.
  • A minimum of three past client references.

Proposals are due by Friday, December 23, 2022, at 5:oo p.m. and must be submitted electronically via email to Debra Kilpatrick Byrd, Director of Homeless Services at: Please use the subject heading: “Homeless Outreach RFP Proposal Response – Company Name.”

Please send questions about this RFP to Debra Kilpatrick Byrd, Director of Homeless Services.\


Nondiscrimination: Applicants for this RFP shall not discriminate against any individual, or guest for any reason including race, religious creed, color, national origin, ancestry, handicap, disability, marital status, pregnancy, sex, age, or sexual orientation.

Permits, Licenses, and Insurance: The successful applicant for this RFP shall, at its sole expense, obtain and maintain during the term of any agreement executed pursuant to this RFP all appropriate permits, certificates, licenses, and insurance including, but not limited to, a District of Columbia Business License which may be required in connection with the performance of services hereunder.

DowntownDC BID’s Right to Waive: The DBID reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to waive any immaterial irregularities in a proposal responding to this RFP or in the submission of a proposal.

DowntownDC BID’s Right to Modify the RFP: The DowntownDC BID reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to modify this RFP should the DBID deem that it is in its best interests to do so. Any changes to the RFP requirements will be made by written addendum posted on the DBID’s website. The failure of an applicant to read any addenda shall have no effect on the validity of such modification.

DowntownDC BID’s Right to Suspend or Cancel the RFP: The DowntownDC BID reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to suspend or cancel this RFP in part or in its entirety should the DBID deem that it is in the DBID’s best interests to do so.

DowntownDC BID’s Right to Reject Any Proposal: The DowntownDC BID reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to reject any proposal responding to this RFP that the DBID determines does not satisfy the conditions set forth in this RFP, or contains false, misleading, or materially incomplete information.

DowntownDC BID’s Right to Reject All Proposals: The DowntownDC BID reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to reject all applicants and not to award to any applicant should the DowntownDC BID deem that it is in its best interests to do so.

DowntownDC BID’s Right to Extend RFP Deadlines: The DowntownDC BID reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to extend any of the deadlines listed in this RFP by written addenda should the DowntownDC BID deem that it is in its best interests to do so.

Cost of Proposals: All costs incurred during proposal preparation or in any way associated with an applicant’s preparations, submission, presentation or oral interview (if any) shall be the sole responsibility of Applicant.

Liability for RFP Errors: Applicants are solely responsible for all errors and omissions contained in their responses to the RFP.

Proposals Property of DowntownDC BID: Upon receipt, each proposal responding to this RFP that an applicant submits to the DowntownDC BID becomes the sole property of the DowntownDC BID and will not be returned to the applicant.

Oral and Written Explanations: The DowntownDC BID shall not be bound by oral explanations or instructions given at any time during the process or after the award. Oral explanations given during the review process and after award become binding only when confirmed in writing by an authorized DowntownDC BID official. Written responses to question(s) asked by one proposer will be provided to all applicants to this RFP.

Vendor Diversity

DowntownDC BID is committed to maintaining a diverse supplier and vendor base and building relationships with suppliers and vendors that reflect the diversity of the District of Columbia, DowntownDC BID, its clients, and its communities. Vendors are required to demonstrate that ownership/leadership and personnel working on this engagement reflect the BID’s diversity objectives especially racial and gender diversity.

Appendix A: DowntownDC BID Territory for Outreach Coverage

Appendix B: DowntownDC BID Vaccination Recommendation


  • Is the $100K budget for staffing the maximum budget?
    • Yes. This is the maximum budget for part-time staff. Budget and outreach needs would not warrant full-time staff.
  • Can you tell us more about the expected timeframe of coverage (i.e. number of days, hours per day, etc.)?
    • Estimated hours per week is 20 to 30 hours per staff. Number of days and time of coverage are negotiable.
  • Who would be the direct supervisor for the contracted outreach team?
    • The selected organization will manage the team to ensure coverage and reporting. The team will work closely with the BID internal outreach coordinator.
  • Would work Monday–Saturday workdays be sufficient?
    • Yes. Sunday coverage would be managed by internal outreach resources.
  • What is the targeted start date for contract?
    • Early January 2023.