‘I See How it Makes a Difference. That’s Why I Donate.’


Lorenzo Sanders Sr. is a Safety/Hospitality and Maintenance (SAM) Ambassador on the Special Projects Team and a donor to the DowntownDC Foundation. He has worked for the DowntownDC BID since 2019 and is a D.C. resident.

“This year has really humbled me and pushed me to be as good of a person as I can be. I was assigned to the Downtown Day Services Center in March during COVID-19 to help the clients there and that was one of the best things to happen for me as a person.” 

“For our guests, they’re not just experiencing homelessness—they need food, they need clothes—I’m more conscious of that now.” 

“I’m actually here serving the homeless population, so I know for a fact that the money people donate goes right to them for the Thanksgiving meal, supplies, coats, the food they eat. I’m here and I see how it makes a difference. That’s why I donate.”

We have been so encouraged by support from individuals like you and Lorenzo this holiday season, including organizations and properties who have donated funds to the DowntownDC Foundation in lieu of annual holiday parties! Your generosity and support mean so much this year.

Today, we are 88% of the way to reaching our goal of raising $50,000 by Dec. 31!

Please consider donating to the DowntownDC Foundation to support the work of our staff and essential workers like Lorenzo.

“Even if I only have $10 dollars, there’s someone in a worse situation than me.”

For more information about the DowntownDC Foundation, visit www.downtowndcfoundation.org.