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    The DowntownDC BID’s Marketing and Communications team provides all marketing and communications functions for the organization through events, marketing materials, report and publications, public relations, branding, design, and digital communications. The department works daily to support internal initiatives as well as those of the BID’s stakeholders in DowntownDC.

    The BID disseminates a biweekly newsletter, the Digest, to share general news about the organization and things happening throughout DowntownDC. Check out our past issues. In addition, the public can subscribe to other updates, including about the BID’s signature events, transportation alerts, and more. Sign up today!

    Partnership Opportunities

    Partnership with the BID offers exposure and influence in the DowntownDC community. Partners will benefit by making a highly visible local impact, advancing brand recognition and awareness and aligning with a private non-profit dedicated to enrich the community and supporting local businesses. Cultivating a sustainable support or trade relationship with the BID represents an invaluable association with quality, and a promotional platform for reaching local, regional and international audiences. The BID offers partnership opportunities related to special events as well as promotional support in the BID’s printed Visitor Maps, in its digital newsletter, on its website and more. Interested in becoming a partner of the DowntownDC BID? Please contact Director of Events and Partnerships Melanie Nwosu at for more information.

    Special Events

    The BID also hosts a number of recurring, signature events including:

    Reports & Publications

    The DowntownDC Business Improvement District regularly collects detailed research and reports on commercial and residential property information, key economic and performance indicators, infrastructure and critical issues topics.

    • 2021 State of Downtown Report –  This annual report, known as the definitive report on Downtown’s economy, is created by the BID’s Economic Development department and produced and edited by the Communications Department.
    • 2021 Annual Report – Each year, the BID is required by law to produce an annual report including a financial statement, a proposed budget, goals and objectives. The BID communications team creates this report and uses it as an opportunity to create a useful, well-designed document. The BID in 2015 added an interactive online website to accompany the report.
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