District Implements New Pedestrian Safety Improvements in DowntownDC


January 4, 2019

The District Department of Transportation (DDOT) has begun implementing new pedestrian safety policies at intersections across the District as part of Mayor Bowser’s Vision Zero transportation safety initiative.  

These changes include the installation of “No Right Turn on Red” signs at approximately 100 signalized intersections across the District. Where the signs are posted, drivers will no longer be permitted make right turns when the traffic light signal is red. This signage is being placed in several intersections across the District, including DowntownDC, with all signs expected to be installed by July 2019. 

DDOT is also installing physical barriers across the District which will work to increase pedestrian safety by preventing drivers from speeding and cutting corners or crosswalks when making left turns. In December 2018, barriers were installed at two major DowntownDC intersections, 9th & M streets NW and 13th & I streets NW. 

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