The DowntownDC Business Improvement District's (BID) Communications Department supports all BID initiatives and activities, including the essential work carried out by our red-uniformed Safety/Hospitality and Maintenance (SAM) team, activities of our stakeholders, common sustainability efforts, efforts to solve chronic homelessness, the enhancement of public space and more.

The Communications Department staff includes an in-house designer, a Salesforce administrator and additional team members who all work to improve external relations and support the BID's mission and show the public why Downtown is "so much more." 

Read more about areas of focus for the Communications Department below:

Digital Communications

  • Website: The BID's website,, is the BID's primary vehicle for online communications. The current website was developed in 2013 and is maintained by the BID communications staff and includes point-of-interest pages for every retailer in the BID area, a working events calendar, original news content, electronic versions of BID reports and guides and more. Many of the photos featured on the website were taken by photographer Kevin Koski.
  • Social Media: The communications team utilizes many social media tools to promote the BID's mission as well as that of our stakeholders. Currently, the staff operates accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, LinkedIn, YouTube, Flickr and more.
  • Video: The BID Communications department films and edits videos for marketing purposes. [Visit our YouTube channel here.]
  • DowntownDC Update Newsletter: The DowntownDC Update newsletter is a monthly electronic newsletter on Downtown news and events sent to thousands of subscribers. Subscribe here today!
  • Email Marketing: The BID currently utilizes Pardot for email marketing, which includes the newsletter, dissemination of press releases and media advisories, invitations and more.
  • Salesforce: A salesforce administrator is part of the communications department and this staff member works to maintain the BID's database of contacts, create segmented lists, programs and other internal Salesforce systems to assist BID efforts.
  • Asset Management: Communications staff maintain and organize BID assets including photographs of Downtown. 

Media Relations

  • Press Releases and Media Advisories: The BID communications team utilizes traditional press releases and media advisories to promote BID initiatives and news of interest.
  • Press Events: The communications department holds media briefings and other in-person events to connect journalists to city leaders, stakeholders and others.

Branding and Design

  • Logo: The DowntownDC logo is five colored arrows, which symbolizes the region's five local governments coming together to create a vibrant Downtown, which is represented by a star, representative of a star on D.C.'s state flag.
  • Branding: The communications department works to strengthen and promote DowntownDC as "so much more" for residents, workers and guests. 
  • Design: The BID's in-house designer creates and coordinates the installation of street pole banners throughout Downtown in addition to creating invitations, posters, marketing materials, reports, presentations, collateral and other design elements to uphold the BID brand and consistency.
  • Collateral: The communications team is responsible for collateral used by BID employees, including giveaways, apparel, tools used by the SAMs, office items and more.

Publications and Reports

  • Annual Report: Each year, the BID is required by law to produce an annual report including a financial statement, a proposed budget, goals and objectives. The BID communications team creates this report and uses it as an opportunity to create a useful, well-designed document. The BID in 2015 added an interactive online website to accompany the report. [View the FY 2014 report here.]
  • State of Downtown Report: This annual report, known as the definitive report on Downtown's economy, is created by the BID's Economic Development department and produced and edited by the Communications Department. [View the 2014 report here.]
  • Leadership Papers and Action Agendas: The BID communications team works with BID staff to produce and design leadership papers to foster a dialogue about critical issues related to Downtown's economic, social and physical development. [View all reports here.]
  • How2 Papers: These papers serve as useful guides for many Downtown stakeholders on issues of importance including homelessness. [View all reports here.]
  • Visitor Maps: The BID's Communications Department designs and creates a Visitor Map of the BID area every few years to offer visitors the latest information on hotels and accommodations, attractions and landmarks, arts, entertainment and major retail, parks, farmers markets and transportation options. These maps are disseminated by the BID's SAMs and are offered by many local businesses to their Downtown guests. Map sponsorship opportunities are available. 
  • Bus Shelter Maps: BID communications staff designs and updates bus shelter maps every few years for DowntownDC. The BID works with ClearChannel for installation.
  • Safety Brochure: This brochure offers Downtown visitors a quick and useful guide to how to remain safe while visiting Washington, D.C.
  • Marketing Materials: BID Communications Department staff create and design a variety of marketing materials to support BID initiatives and for many projects undertaken by the organization.


  • State of Downtown Forum: The State of Downtown Report is released at this annual spring event where a panel of guests discuss the economic health of Downtown and analyze the data released in the report.
  • Momentum Awards: This annual winter awards event honors the people who help make DowntownDC "so much more." 
  • Downtown Holiday Market: The BID's popular holiday outdoor market, centered around 8th and F Streets NW, enlivens Downtown during the holidays with a unique outdoor shopping experience. The event is produced by Diverse Markets Management.
  • Special Events: The BID creates and runs a variety of in-house events each year in addition to sponsoring or supporting events held by Downtown stakeholders including The National Cherry Cherry Blossom Festival.

For more information about the Communications Department, please contact Communications Manager Rachel Rose Hartman at