Washington Post OpEd: Metro is Making its Own Problems Worse

Friday, March 24, 2017

By Neil Albert

By Neil O. Albert, Executive Director of the DowntownDC Business Improvement District:

"The Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority’s board of directors’ vote Thursday to raise Metrorail fares and cut service accelerates the downward spiral in regional transit service.

"WMATA has characterized its fiscal 2018 budget as one of “shared sacrifice” among the agency, WMATA’s funding jurisdictions and riders. I commend the board’s efforts in securing additional subsidies from WMATA’s member jurisdictions but remain concerned about fare increases further damaging WMATA’s fragile ridership. Any fare increase or cut to service will drive away riders.

"Average daily rail ridership has fallen from a peak of 750,000 daily trips in 2009 to just 624,000 trips in October and is projected to fall even further. Riders have lost late-night service for at least two more years, and under the fiscal 2018 budget, they will face a fare increase..."

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