GGW: ‘Commuting Without Metro is a Struggle for Late-Night Workers’


July 31, 2019

By George Kevin Jordan of Greater Greater Washington

“…Neil Albert, President of the Downtown DC Business Improvement District (BID), agrees that a robust transit system helps business. ‘In my estimation, [the transit system is] the lifeblood of DC,’ Albert says. ‘More people come into Downtown DC by transit than by private cars, so it’s really critical for the economic vitality of the BID.’

Curtailed Metro hours impact downtown DC in multiple ways, Albert told me. It’s harder and more expensive for workers to commute, and it’s also prohibitive for people who want to participate in the nightlife. He recognizes that people who patronize these establishments usually have more money to use ride-hailing apps than the people who work at them.

‘We heard stories, from restaurants in particular, that were keeping people overnight until the restaurant opened in the morning to save them the cost of an Uber fare,’ Albert said. ‘People within the workforce continue to spend more of their budget for transportation…'”

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