Transportation is the platform upon which all other Downtown activities are built and plays a pivotal role in Washington and Downtown’s economic prosperity and sustainability. By ensuring a flexible and well-managed transportation environment, the BID supports a vibrant and growing city.  The BID works with the public and private sectors to improve accessibility in and around Downtown, initiate plans to address street and sidewalk issues, improve signage, alleviate congestion, discourage gridlock and manage Downtown streets. New bus and streetcar lines are part of a movement to re-imagine the way people move in and through Downtown, to connect 25 million National Mall visitors to Downtown and to enhance the “sense of place” that makes this a remarkable city.

The BID contributes to large initiatives such as long-range DC metropolitan area transit plans including the DC Circulator system, the DC streetcar, the K Street streetscape plans, and biking and pedestrian safety and congestion management.  Details such as zoning and enforcement standards, support for traffic control officers and pedestrian countdown signals and facilitating better bicycle parking are all part of a master program to mitigate congestion, and efficiently move people, goods and services in and around Downtown.

Looking to the future of transit, the Downtown BID continues to take a leadership role in fostering greater Downtown population growth by promoting efficient, sustainable transportation systems. The BID continues to provide leadership on Downtown’s transportation future through research and dialog with the community, public officials and urban transportation experts.