New Bicycle Parking Plan to Double Racks in Downtown



The DowntownDC BID has partnered with the District Department of Transportation (DDOT) to begin implementing a bicycle parking plan, which aims to double the number of bike racks in Downtown over the next three years. Over the past few years, more people have started bicycling to Downtown restaurants, shops, and businesses, which is good for reducing Downtown congestion, promoting sustainability and encouraging bicycling as a viable transportation mode. However, the trend has increased demand for bike parking, sometimes leading to bikes being locked to trees, signs, or even trash cans. Installing additional bike racks can help restore order to the sidewalk and maintain clear passage for pedestrians.

With this bike parking plan, the BID is focused on providing short-term parking in public space for visitors to buildings, shoppers, and restaurant patrons, while continuing to work with buildings to provide secure, commuter bike parking inside for their tenants. The first installation phase will begin in mid-July and will target the blocks between 6th and 11th streets because of the high level of use in this area.  About 200 racks are planned for installation during this first phase, and the majority of work will take place overnight, except where adjacent to residential buildings or hotels. 

Two meetings with building property managers adjacent to proposed installation sites were held at the end of May, in the BID office at 1250 H Street. On-site meetings with property managers will continue through this month.