Metro can’t afford to be a peak-period-only service


November 5, 2018
By Neil O. Albert – Washington Post

The region’s late-night economy became officially stymied on Monday when Paul J. Wiedefeld, the general manager of the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority, did not recommend restoring late-night service for Metrorail as part of his fiscal 2020 budget proposal.

The news comes more than two years after WMATA cut late-night service, leaving many in the late-night service industry scrambling for alternative commuting options (or sleeping at their places of employment), and leaving consumers and businesses adjusting their entertainment schedules, and businesses cutting their operating hours.

The effect of late-night service cuts continues to hamper downtown D.C. and the region and remains one of the many reasons Metro continues to struggle to support the area’s economy despite great strides this past year.

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