Capital Bikeshare Highly Ranked in the World



Europe may be ahead of us in the bike sharing game, and China is the global leader in terms of numbers, but D.C. is giving the world a run for the money. According to—specialists in living the active, adventurous life—the nation’s capital ranks No. 11 out of 16 world cities chosen for their modern, “standout” bike sharing programs.  

Capital Bikeshare, the partnership between the District Department of Transportation, Arlington County and Alexandria, offers access to more than 1,800 bicycles located at more than 200 stations across D.C. and Northern Virginia. It was created in 2010, and membership in the popular program with the cherry-red bicycles is $75 per year.

“Bikeshare proved that such a system could work here,” said “Users have logged millions of miles, and the network will soon expand into Maryland. What it lacks—typical of the bottom of this list—is citywide-ness, and also the low prices you see in Europe and Asia.”

The worldwide programs were ranked based on several factors:

  • Program size measured against their city’s populations
  • Openness to all who might want to use them
  • How integral they are to the life of the city or country
  • Affordability
  • Popularity
  • Functionality/convenience
  • Their city’s bike friendliness

The D.C. area ranked just after Warsaw, Poland, and before Buenos Aires, Argentina. Hangzhou, China, placed first on the list, while New York City—our East Coast rivalplaced last.