Landscapes: The Terrain Within by Rosemary Luckett



02/02/2018 12:00 am - 02/25/2018 12:00 am




901 New York Avenue NW

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In her 2018 solo exhibition, Landscapes: The Terrain Within, Rosemary Luckett shifts her topical focus from Earth house landscapes to archetypal figures in her own psychological terrain, heroes commonly known the world over, both past and present. To describe the nature of her autobiographical narrative, she concentrates on large acrylic paintings, as well as mixed-media collage, and a book about these enigmatic images.

“This work has been a long-term art undertaking that relies on dream interpretation and self-reflection.” Luckett states. “Over time, I imagined myself as each guide or hero described by Carol Pearson in her book Awakening the Hero’s Within.” While contemplating Pearson’s twelve hero guides, Luckett cuts, pastes, paints, and writes. Through this meditative process, she examines each preliminary sketch as if it were a dream and then fleshes it out in larger format. The resulting figurative works are fragments of her “becoming” story. Sometimes in the context of personal experiences. Sometimes through the lens of dreams, myths, literature and legends.

While the paper collage medium has been a Luckett favorite, the collages in this exhibit are housed in niche boxes made of unique wood pieces sculpted together. They amplify the figure within and recall religious wood retablos found in the Southwest, as well as icons common to churches in ancient Byzantium and modern Italy. Large acrylic paintings also include collage elements whether subtly or overt. All in all, they represent some familiar and some less-recognized heroes.

Landscapes: The Terrain Within is Luckett’s seventh solo exhibition at Touchstone Gallery. She has exhibited throughout the region and in other states. Luckett teaches collage at the Art League School in Alexandria and maintains a studio in the woods of northern Virginia.