WAMU: As Vacant Offices Pile Up In Downtown D.C., Business Groups Want The City To Intervene


April 23, 2018
By Ally Schweitzer for WAMU

If it was a car, 900 G St. NW would be a Porsche: floor-to-ceiling glass stretches across its nine luxurious stories, with a marble-accented lobby, panoramic views and a gym with towel service. Called the “future of office buildings in D.C.,” the structure sold for a record price in January: $144 million.

The blockbuster sale might suggest that D.C.’s office market is thriving — but it was actually an anomaly. Beyond the glassy walls of 900 G St., more than 5 million square feet of office space sits empty in a large swath of downtown D.C. Fearing a damaging drop in property values, two groups are calling on lawmakers to do something about it.

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