SAM Appreciation Letters



The DowntownDC BID often receives words of praise from visitors, workers and residents touched in some way by the help and reassuring presence that our Safety/Hospitality and Maintenance employees (SAMs) provide on Downtown streets. That many SAMs exceed expectations and are recognized for doing extraordinary work means plenty during this holiday season of giving and caring. Here’s a snippet of select remarks lauding the good deeds of individual SAMs:

“I arrived in D.C. from Maryland for a meeting at the CareFirst building. I was running late and was on the west side when I should have been on the east side. It was drizzling; I was sweaty and tired as I had walked 30 minutes and was lost. I came upon Timothy Hillie and asked him for directions. He stopped working, called dispatch, received directions, and walked me all the way to my company. This took him 20 minutes out of the way, but I was so grateful that he took the time to listen and help me. I truly appreciated the hospitality I was shown. After I got to my meeting it started to rain. Because of Timothy, I was able to attend my meeting and miss the rain. Thank you for hiring such a diligent, respectful, and courteous employee to represent your company. I will never forget the kindness shown to me by an angel names Timothy Hillie.”

– Jacqueline Crosby
  Owings Mill, MD

“When we visited D.C. a couple of weeks ago, Cheryl Brown was working one of the kiosks. She was so helpful and gave us terrific directions about where to go and where to eat. She was such a joy, and her smile was infectious. She is a definite treasure.”

-Marina Lawson
  Los Angeles, CA

“My job went into overtime at the D.C. Superior Court one week. When I approached where the car was parked, it wasn’t there. I saw a Downtown DC person named Alvin Chase standing near the area. Since I am deaf, Mr. Chase took the time to communicate with me via my pager to inform me that my car was towed because it was parked during Downtown rush hour. He even called to find the location where my car was re-towed. Since it was raining, he offered to walk me to my car using his umbrella. I want to commend Mr. Chase and the DowntownDC BID for the kindness and courtesy that I experienced.”

-Amanda Fish
  Location Unknown