Recycling and Food Service Ware Guidelines Enforced Jan. 1


The Department of Energy & Environment (DOEE) will begin enforcing regulations Jan. 1, 2018 requiring businesses and organizations that sell or serve food or beverages in the District to only use recyclable or compostable food service ware.

These regulations were first implemented Jan. 1, 2017  as part of the “Foam Ban,” which banned the use of disposable food service ware made of expanded polystyrene.  The regulation applies to churches, offices and food trucks as well as fast-food and fine dining restaurants.

Food items packaged outside of the District, products for home use and containers for raw meat are not subject to the food service ware requirements.

To further reduce waste in the District, the list of acceptable recyclable items has expanded, and there will no longer be different recyclable materials for your home, school or business. The list of items will be standardized in a master list.

For more information on compliant products, District food service ware requirements, recycling guidelines and to find out if your business or organization may be affected visit and