New Pick up and Drop off Zones Set in DowntownDC


The District Department of Transportation (DDOT) is implementing a new program to better accommodate pick-up and drop-off activity by  rideshare companies, such as Uber and Lyft, and taxis. The new program sets aside dedicated areas for vehicles to pull over and pick-up or drop-off passengers or goods. These so called, Pick-up Drop-off (PUDO) Zones, let providers know where the most convenient place to pull over is. DDOT’s intention is that having dedicated PUDO Zones in congested areas will limit the number of cars that try to pick-up or drop-off in a travel lane. Look out for four new ones in the DowntownDC area at the following locations:

  • Northside of the 1400 block of New York Avenue NW
  • Southside of the 1400 block of New York Avenue NW
  • Outside of Ford’s Theater on 10th Street NW
  • Outside of City Center on 10th Street NW

DDOT is aiming to install more PUDO Zones by the end of the calendar year and hopes that the new program will reduce congestion, increase safety, and help eliminate travel-related fatalities and serious injuries in the District by 2024.