DowntownDC Displays Its Natitude!



Nationals fever has spread to DowntownDC!

Visitors to Downtown this week will notice a new feature throughout the DowntownDC Business Improvement District’s (BID) 138-block area: banners supporting the Washington Nationals as they enter into postseason play.

This month, the Washington, D.C. baseball team reached out to the Capitol Riverfront BID, where Nationals Park is located, and the DowntownDC BID to coordinate hanging banners in each location this fall to promote the team.

The banners proudly display the “Nothing But October” Nats slogan for the playoffs, co-opted from the team’s original “Nothing But Natitude” mantra.

The Washington Post’s Scott Allen and WJLA ABC7’s “Good Morning Washington” last week each reported on the banner installation, which resulted in 400 banners in Downtown alone.

Check out a clip of WJLA’s coverage here and Go Nats!