DCist: The Garbage Cans Are Getting Smarter Downtown and In Anacostia


“They’re no WALL-E, but the waste receptacles in downtown D.C. and Anacostia are getting smarter.

“Under a pilot program through D.C. government and the business improvement districts of DowntownDC and Anacostia, 87 total garbage cans with sensors built in are being installed. The American Beverage Association is providing some funding for the pilot program.

“The sensors, basically mini-computers, can tell how full the garbage cans are, the temperature of the container (to prevent trash fires), and if household trash is being thrown in. They send that information through a closed system to an online dashboard that the BIDs can see. The BIDs will then share that data with the D.C. Office of the Chief Technology Officer and the Department of Public Works, which are launching a citywide pilot with 400 garbage cans…