ChowtownDC Visits Farmers & Distillers


‘What would George do?’ is the question behind every aspect of Farmers & Distillers (600 Massachusetts Avenue), the newest restaurant from Farmers Restaurant Group. The DowntownDC Business Improvement District (BID) recently took a trip to Farmers & Distillers  for the final installment of the BID’s ChowtownDC restaurant video series (#chowtowndc).

Farmers & Distillers is a casual restaurant with an open floor plan with various microclimates that pay homage to Washington’s Mount Vernon home. The restaurant has a bar, four dining areas, a coffee and donut counter and a fully-functioning distillery

During the BID’s visit, we sampled cioppino, sweet potato stuffed pasta, their bacon and baby kale pizza, and the Washington Club.

Watch the video to find out which dish is made with three different types of bread.

DowntownDC is a dining destination. From world-class restaurants and fine dining, to the hottest street food and takeout, DowntownDC offers a variety of cuisines at every price point.

In September, the BID kicked off the third and final season of ChowtownDC. The series offers viewers an inside look at DowntownDC’s best eats.

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