Biking made easier in DowntownDC



It’s now even easier to bike in DowntownDC, thanks to new bike racks.

Last fall, the DowntownDC BID, in partnership with the District Department of Transportation (DDOT), installed 145 new bike racks between 6th and 11th Streets to meet increased bike parking demands. The new racks are part of the first phase of a three-year downtown bicycle parking plan, which aims to double the number of bike racks in DowntownDC BID.

Bicycle racks encourage cyclists to make short-term trips for shopping, business meetings, deliveries, dining and patronizing DowntownDC’s growing number of attractions. Plus, the availability of bike parking reduces the number of bicycles locked in areas that could potentially interfere with pedestrian mobility. 

This spring, in an effort to further reduce sidewalk crowding in areas with high bike parking demand, the DowntownDC BID plans to work with DDOT to install several in-street bicycle parking corrals. Each corral uses an area equivalent to one vehicle parking space to provide parking for up to 10 bicycles. There are currently five in-street corrals in DowntownDC.

This summer the DowntownDC BID will begin implementation of the second phase of the bicycle parking plan, seeking to install approximately 175 bike racks in the blocks between 11th and 16th Streets. Meetings with property managers of buildings adjacent to proposed rack locations will commence this spring.