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D.C. food business, Union Kitchen is expanding its retail footprint with two new grocery stores.  Union Kitchen Grocery will open in Downtown D.C.’s One Franklin Square and in Ballston Quarter. The grocery stores will feature a hot bar and salad bar and will carry products made in Union Kitchen.

” We opened Grocery Stores to sell the products that businesses were making in our Kitchen. We opened a Distribution Center to move products around the city. We created a Launch and Growth Team to provide the technical knowledge and the skills to successfully navigate the food industry.

We’ve grown a lot since those early days ringing up customers at The Blind Dog Cafe. We’ve learned a lot from managing a Kitchen, Distribution Center, and Stores. We’ve learned that making a great product in our Kitchen is only the first step and not the last. And we continue to learn every day what it means to be a part of our shared mission.”