Indiana Plaza



550 D St NW

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Indiana Plaza is located at the intersection of 7th Street, Indiana Avenue, and Pennsylvania Avenue.  The plaza honors the state of Indiana, and the Indiana Society of Washington is participating in renovation plans for the plaza site.

A 25’ tall granite monument dedicated to the Grand Army of the Republic is the central focal element of the Plaza.  Three bronze relief sculptures honoring Fraternity, Charity and Loyalty and a small bas relief bust of Dr. Benjamin Franklin Stephenson adorn the monument, which was created by John Massey Rind.  The monument was dedicated in 1909.

A smaller monument to Temperance occupies the Plaza as well.

Many of the parks in the Downtown BID are formed at the crossing of a diagonal avenue with the orthogonal street grid. These spaces were designated as open spaces or parks to line the broad avenues in L’Enfant’s 1791 plan for the city.

In several cases, the management and maintenance of a small park has been undertaken by the adjacent property owner through a partnership agreement with the National Park Service.