Gun Violence Memorial Project



04/09/2021 11:00 am - 03/07/2023 4:00 pm




401 F Street NW

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Memorials are works of art and architecture that embody collective experience and provide a space for remembrance. Presented in conjunction with Justice is Beauty: The Work of MASS Design Group, the Gun Violence Memorial Project is a tribute to the thousands of lives lost to gun violence in America.

The Gun Violence Memorial Project comprises four houses, each built of 700 glass bricks, a reference to the number of people in the U.S. killed by guns every week. Over time, the bricks will continue to be filled with remembrance objects donated by immediate family members of loved ones taken by gun violence. The houses currently hold hundreds of objects — including photographs, baby shoes, graduation tassels, jewelry, a jump rope, and a prayer book — that reveal the personal narratives of each victim.

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