09/27/2019 7:00 pm - 10/27/2019 7:00 pm


$20 - $40


511 10th Street NW

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August Wilson’s Fences

Set in segregated Pittsburgh in the 1950s, Fences depicts the life of Troy Maxson, a former Negro League baseball star now scraping by as a sanitation worker. Troy attempts to assert control in his life through his relationships with his wife and son. But even as he takes responsibility for their safety and well-being, he betrays them each in ways that will forever alter their lives. Part of August Wilson’s 10-play Century Cycle, Fences explores the walls families build around themselves and their loved ones, while also illuminating one family’s struggles in a racist society.

Craig Wallace (A Christmas Carol, Death of a Salesman) and Erika Rose (Mosaic Theater Company’s Queens Girl in Africa, Woolly Mammoth’s An Octoroon) play the roles of Troy and Rose Maxson. The production is directed by Timothy Douglas, one of the foremost interpreters of Wilson’s work.

Free tickets available as part of the First Free Preview initiative beginning Sept. 20, 2019.