Eaton DC Presents: Art Installment | Harriet’s Wildest Dreams



10/15/2021 - 04/01/2022 All Day




1201 K St NW, Washington, DC 20005

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Four women photographers follow the Black woman and the many waters she wades. Seeking to normalize and exalt her multifaceted existence, this collection of images explores sensuality, devotion, gratitude, glory, home, family, and self.

The title, Harriet’s Wildest Dreams, is borrowed from the D.C.-based abolitionist collective (@harrietsdreams) whose pilgrimage to the birthplace of their namesake [Harriet Tubman] sparked the creation of this exhibit. The caravan to Tubman’s home in Dorchester, Maryland, was a powerful reclamation of ancestral energy, organized for mothers who had lost children at the hands of police violence.

Below are the featured Artists:

Dee Dwyer (@deedwyerjonts)

Cheriss May(@cherissmay)

Kyna Uwaeme (@kynakool)

Nyeusi Mwezi (@ablackstateofmindphotography)