Channel Tres: DJ Set (21+)



08/21/2021 11:00 pm - 08/22/2021 2:00 am


$20 - $180


734 11th Street NW

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Channel Tres makes his Nü Androids return for a special DJ set on Saturday, August 21st at Sax for one our first family gatherings there. The Compton artist has mastered a trifecta of sounds culminating from the drive of Detroit techno, silky smooth grooves of Chicago house, and the snarl of West Coast rap. Don’t miss the musical triple threat known as Channel Tres this August!





After only throwing a handful of events in 2020, Nu Androids is ready to reopen the dance floor to our community! We welcome people from all walks of life to a safe and comfortable space. There is no tolerance for discrimination or harassment of any kind at any of our Nü Androids events.