Downtown Action Plan and Public Realm Plan Showcase


In a momentous event on Monday, February 26, Mayor Muriel Bowser and a cohort of city leaders gathered at the Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company to unveil the intricacies of two transformative initiatives poised to spearhead the District’s resurgence. The Downtown Action Plan, led by the DowntownDC BID, Golden Triangle BID, and Federal City Council, along with the Public Realm Plan led by the DC Office of Planning, promise to reshape the narrative of our beloved city.

Speakers included Mayor Muriel Bowser, Nina Albert (Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development), Anita Cozart (Director of Office of Planning), Gerren Price (President and CEO, DowntownDC BID), and Leona Agouridis (Executive Director, Golden Triangle BID).

Downtown Action Plan

At the heart of this ambitious undertaking is the Mayor’s Comeback Plan, a comprehensive 5-year economic development strategy designed to foster successful businesses, cultivate opportunity-rich neighborhoods, and empower thriving individuals. The Downtown Action Plan represents a pivotal component of this larger vision, honing in on the specific strategies needed for the recovery of Downtown DC.

Gerren Price, President and CEO of the DowntownDC BID, emphasized the plan’s focus on practical implementation: “We are looking at how we make [Downtown DC’s recovery] happen. What are the investments? What are the policies? What are the actions that are going to make sure that the Mayor’s vision in the Comeback Plan comes to fruition starting right here in downtown.”

The visionary goal of the Downtown Action Plan is to redefine the central business district of DC, transforming it into a resilient and adaptable mixed-use downtown that is welcoming and alluring to people from all walks of life. To achieve this vision, the plan identifies foundational elements crucial for the health of Downtown D.C., including Public Safety, a Place of Choice to Locate & Do Business, Residential Development, and Transportation as an Asset.


Five strategic nodes were highlighted as focal points for investment in new uses, parks, and public spaces:

  1. Penn West Equity, Innovation, & University District
  2. Downtown West
  3. Historic Green Triangle
  4. Penn Quarter/Chinatown
  5. Downtown East


The plan proposes a bold investment of $401 million, with $39 million earmarked for the fiscal year 2025. Remarkably, full implementation is projected to generate an additional $487 million in annual tax revenues for the District.

Public Realm Plan

In tandem with the Downtown Action Plan, the DC Office of Planning launched the Downtown Public Realm Plan in July 2023, aligned with the Mayor’s broader comeback strategy. This initiative focuses on transforming outdoor spaces into attractive, safe, and active areas.


The Public Realm Plan envisions four dynamic locations that synergize with the economic strategies outlined in the Downtown Action Plan:

  1. Gallery Place Festival Plaza
  2. Connecticut Avenue Capital Promenade
  3. I Street Greenway
  4. Vermont Avenue Connector

As the District embarks on this journey of revitalization, the Downtown Action and Public Realm Plans stand as beacons of hope, symbolizing a commitment to a more vibrant, economically sustainable, diverse, and equitable future. With the Mayor’s vision, city leaders, and the active involvement of the community, the plans beckon us all to contribute to the resurgence of our beloved Washington, D.C. Now, as the plans unfold, it’s time for everyone to roll up their sleeves and actively participate in the city’s comeback.

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