DowntownDC Foundation

The DowntownDC Business Improvement District (BID) activated the DowntownDC Foundation to serve as a vehicle for philanthropic initiatives aligned with the BID’s mission. The Foundation directly addresses four core areas: 

  • Franklin Park: The renovation of DowntownDC’s largest green space into a premier urban park, which will be operated and managed by the BID upon its reopening  
  • Homeless Services: Support and services, including those offered through the Downtown Day Services Center and the DC Landlord Partnership Fund
  • Public Space Revitalization: Public art including the New York Avenue Arts Allee, enhancements at the McPherson Square Metro station, the transformation of historic call boxes into art as well as infrastructure improvements to additional parks and plazas including Indiana Plaza
  • Events and Programming: Cultural and social impact programming, building on existing community offerings including Chinatown Block Party with Words, Beats and Life and more

The DowntownDC Foundation supports the DowntownDC Business Improvement District’s (BID) philanthropic efforts by enhancing service to the DowntownDC community through homeless services, park revitalization, public art and programming and public space improvements.

Guiding Principles:

The success of the BID’s work to enhance DowntownDC has created a greater demand for resources. The Foundation enables the BID to address the higher level of need to sustain a vibrant downtown economy. 

The DowntownDC Foundation will not solicit funds from organizations or individuals aligned with racial, gender, or sexual discrimination or intolerance.