Request for Qualifications: Temporary Artistic Social Distance Guidance


The DowntownDC Business Improvement District (BID) is seeking proposals from local artists to create and install a temporary 2D design that will guide people on how to keep a safe social distance in park spaces, while also inspiring whimsy, joy, and curiosity in the viewer. Following on the heels of similar projects in New York and Austin, the BID intends to engage an artist to create a design that will help users of parks spaces in DowntownDC know how to keep themselves at a safe distance from others, while being an attraction in its own right.

The selected consultant will begin work in November 2020 and should plan for a one-two month timeline. Designs will need to be installed using turf paint and the selected artist will need to be able to complete the installations themselves.

Target Park Sites:

The selected artist will create a design that will be used in McPherson Square and John Marshall Park. These are both National Park Service Park (NPS) sites within the BID area. One is heavily used (McPherson Square) while the other (John Marshall Park) is little known by the area population. Both could benefit from the guidance and attraction this temporary art installation will bring.

Scope of Work:


The first step in this project will be to observe the target Park Sites, discuss design intent with the project client (DowntownDC BID) and come up with proposed options for artwork. Selected artist will be expected to present three design options to the client and incorporate feedback.


The next step in the project will be revision of a selected concept based on the feedback from the client in task one. Once presented to the client, there will be an opportunity for one final round of edits/feedback.


Presentation of final design and application for permit to install temporary artwork on Park Sites. (Client will seek a Special Use Permit from NPS for this purpose, but artist will be expected to attend any required meetings, describe design intent, or revise drawings or materials as needed at this stage.)

Task 4

Preparation, coordination, and installations at Parks Sites.


The final deliverable of this project will be the fully installed temporary artwork, painted in turf paint on McPherson Square and John Marshal Park.


Please provide your response to this RFQ to Galin Brooks, Director of Planning and Placemaking at Responses are due by Monday, October 26, 2020 and should include:

  • Resumes of proposed artist team
  • Proposed project budget
  • Samples of applicable work
  • List of references with up-to-date contact information
Photo: An example of public artwork from the Women in History call box art project in DowntownDC. Photo Credit: Mia B Photography.