DowntownDC BID Retail and Restaurant Survey Wants to Hear from YOU!


The DowntownDC BID is surveying Downtown retailers and restaurants to collect feedback on the impact of the health emergency. The survey is quick, easy, and only takes few minutes to complete.

The survey findings will be shared with the DC government to make sure city officials know how much of an impact the health emergency is having on the Downtown and DC economies. The BID will recommend that DowntownDC receive the same relief funding as other DC businesses to assure support for DowntownDC office workers and hotel guests when they return.

All company and respondent names will be kept confidential, and only aggregated data will be presented to the DC government. 

Providing current and specific data is important to present an accurate picture of the impact of the health emergency. 

Have your voice heard by completing the survey by Friday, August 7: DowntownDC Retail & Restaurant Survey