Ambassador Services

In addition to performing their daily duties, SAMs often specialize in offering extended services which include, or are offered by, the following:

• SAM-At-Your-Side – Safety/Hospitality Team members provide free escort services to workers within the DowntownDC BID area Monday through Friday to provide peace of mind to workers who must find their way to public transportation, garages or secluded streets. The service is generally offered in the evening and upon request. Workers can request an escort by calling 202.624.1550. Typically, a SAM will arrive within 10 minutes.

• Homeless Outreach Service Team (HOST) – While all SAMs provide active outreach for people living on the streets, 12 SAMs, or HOST members, are specially trained to recognize and engage homeless individuals with psychological and addiction problems. They work closely with, and are trained by, the Downtown Homeless Services Team, professionals managed and funded by the BID and headquartered at Pathways to Housing DC, a BID partner.

• Quality Assurance Team – Comprised of 16 Safety/Hospitality Team members, this specially trained corps uses automated defect reporting to convey flaws, such as loose sidewalk pavers and faulty street signs, in public space. The SAMs now use iPhones and a mobile app to assist with improving public space asset and condition tracking and reporting.

• Lobby Fairs/Information Booths – Safety/Hospitality Team members and a member of the BID Communications staff provide information at Downtown office buildings, farmers’ markets, and at the Verizon Center about the SAM Program and the BID. During the sessions, workers and visitors receive handouts—including maps and Safety First brochures—and can sign up to receive the DowntownDC Update e-newsletter.

• D.C. Superior Court Community Court Program – The DowntownDC BID partners with the local courts to enable quality-of-life misdemeanor offenders to fulfill their court mandated community service hours. Three to 12 offenders join Maintenance Team members every day to sweep and clean Downtown streets. These workers wear red, mesh vests with “Community Court/Community Service” printed on the front and back.

• Summer Youth Aides – To assist Safety/Hospitality or Maintenance Team personnel during the peak tourist season, the DowntownDC BID employs student hospitality aides to staff information kiosks located near Metrorail stations and in busy pedestrian areas or student maintenance aides to perform maintenance tasks such as weeding, mulching, cleaning parks, touching up painted items, and defect reporting. This effort supports the Department of Employment Services’ (DOES) Summer Youth Employment Program. The aides, all DC residents, are college students or high school graduates who receive specialized training on hospitality and communications skills or maintenance work, as well as Downtown attractions and services.