Freedom Plaza

Freedom Plaza is bordered by E Street on the north, 14th Street on the west, Pennsylvania Avenue on the south, and 13th Street on the east.  The plaza is named for Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and was completed in 1980. Freedom Plaza is inlaid with a depiction of L’Enfant’s plan for Washington, DC and provides a clear view to the U.S. Capitol along Pennsylvania Avenue.  On the east side of the plaza, there is an equestrian statue of Casimir Pulaski.

United States Navy Memorial

The United States Navy Memorial is bounded by Pennsylvania Avenue, 9th Street, D Street, and 7th Street, and includes a public plaza and the adjacent Naval Heritage Center.  The plaza commemorates Sea Service veterans and is maintained by the United States Navy Memorial Foundation.  The plaza features a large fountain and a symbolic statue of the Lone Sailor, a tribute to all personnel of the sea services.

Indiana Plaza

Indiana Plaza is located at the intersection of 7th Street, Indiana Avenue, and Pennsylvania Avenue.  The plaza honors the state of Indiana, and the Indiana Society of Washington is participating in renovation plans for the plaza site.

A 25’ tall granite monument dedicated to the Grand Army of the Republic is the central focal element of the Plaza.  Three bronze relief sculptures honoring Fraternity, Charity and Loyalty and a small bas relief bust of Dr. Benjamin Franklin Stephenson adorn the monument, which was created by John Massey Rind.  The monument was dedicated in 1909.

A smaller monument to Temperance occupies the Plaza as well.