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The DowntownDC BID area is one of the nation’s most dynamic, mixed-use, downtown economies. The strength of D.C.’s Downtown economy is rooted in the stable employment base that exists in all Downtown job sectors and the high quality of life that enhances the Downtown experience for businesses, employees, visitors and residents. In the mid-1990's, Downtown was a single-sector economy focused almost exclusively on the office industry. Though the office industry is still paramount to the success of the Downtown economy, Downtown is branching out. World-class cultural and entertainment venues, new shopping experiences, top hotels, diverse housing options, and strong transportation networks are all part of the new, vibrant and resilient Downtown economy.

Over the past 15 years, the DowntownDC BID area has contributed to D.C. maintaining its regional employment and population market shares at 24 percent and 11 percent, respectively. The DowntownDC BID area is one of the District's fiscal engines, helping to generate a net fiscal impact of $1 billion in 2013, funding 91 percent of the city's Public Safety and Justice budget.

Additionally, you can download the printed version of the State of Downtown Report.



State of Downtown Dashboards

The State of Downtown report offers a comprehensive analysis of the Downtown economy in order to better inform decisions for many key Downtown stakeholders: DowntownDC BID members (the General Services Administration, private property owners and tenants), investors, developers, retailers, brokers, theaters, museums, non-GSA federal government officials, elected D.C. government officials and staff, and many more. The State of Downtown report utilizes historical and current data to identify local, regional and national trends and compare D.C. and Downtown to our local and national competitors.