Target Cities

Target Cities is a new two-year partnership with nine development projects across seven North American cities to amplify and accelerate district-scale community regeneration and create replicable models for next-generation urban revitalization.

The program, launched at the Clinton Global Initiative in June 2014 is a fresh approach to building capacity, governance, and leadership in the area of neighborhood development.

The Target Cities projects reflect the diversity of contemporary urban neighborhoods, from business districts with major investment resources to economically stressed communities looking to amplify neighborhood-driven revitalization and innovation. Participants include some of North America’s most innovative and influential cities including Atlanta, Boston, Cambridge, Denver, Los Angeles, Ottawa, Ontario and Washington, D.C.

In total, Target Cities represents more than 60 project partners collaborating to transform more than 1,300 acres of existing neighborhoods, downtown areas, business districts, historical precincts, brownfield sites, and university campuses. It encompasses tens of millions of square feet of real estate occupied by tens of thousands of existing and new residents, workers, visitors and students. Sustainable, affordable, accessible, and equitable housing. High performing, integrated, and low impact infrastructure. Places that attract, promote activity, and build vibrancy. Places for people.

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